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Hi. I’m Armando.


This is Mons Photography.

I've had an interest in the arts in many ways since, well.. forever. I'm not too shabby with a beat machine or a sketch book, but I really love taking photos of people. It’s kind of exciting because people usually take photos for a special occasion and I get to spend a couple hours with them just enjoying the moment.  Aside from people, I enjoy taking pictures of cars, musicians, and youth sports because there’s a lot of stories to tell with them as well. As you’ll notice, I’m drawn to bold and retro style images that remind me of looking through grandma’s suitcase of pictures.


Im a coach, dad, uncle, cousin, etc... but of course I couldn’t do what I do without my family and will usually have my wife as my right hand and my daughter overlooking the session.

I guess I really just like the idea of freezing time. When the camera shutter closes, you never lose the moment. I’m interested in transforming real life into still life and can’t wait to tell your story.

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